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When in Phang Nga Bay

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This floating restaurant is in the perfect spot for lunch during a Phang Nga Bay boat tour

Koh Panyee Village Restaurant

A stunning little stop off spot (map here) for a bite if in the Phang Nga Bay area – probably on a boat trip as Koh Panyee is a small island in the bay. There’s no denying the impressive view as the boats pull up to the floating village, and as you disembark you can smell the garlic wafting out of the kitchen. Please note that this is a Muslim village so no alcohol is available.

There's no denying the beauty of the outlook at Koh Panyee Village

We were made fully aware of the difficult times these sorts of places are facing; once packed to almost bursting with tourists, these restaurants struggle to get a few tables per day from passing traffic. Whilst we were there (as you can see with perfect weather, and at a weekend no less), it was eerily quiet - perhaps only 2 other tables came and ordered the entire time our group was there for lunch.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

OK, so times are difficult, staff have been laid off, they are catering to probably 10% (if that) of what they used to in high season. However that said, please do not stop for lunch if you are in a rush! We luckily were not, so it really didn't matter that the food took an awfully long time (an hour) to arrive. We enjoyed the gorgeous surroundings and when the food did finally arrive it was fine. Nothing to write home about, but definitely 'OK'. The Kale with chili and oyster sauce was tasty, as were the glass noodles and fried prawns with garlic. There seemed to be a lack of chicken 45 minutes after ordering which was strange, (and the 'Chicken Fried Rice' was distinctly missing the chicken), but as I said everyone is trying the best they can given the dire circumstances.

The menu was vast, there are a few photos below to show the variety and price of dishes for reference, but no doubt you can find something you like even if it is only a fried rice:

The Bottom Line

Stunning views, nice experience and convenient stop off point for Phang Nga Bay boat trips. However be prepared for slow, not particularly friendly service and no alcohol is served. If I was in the area again, I would give it another go. . just not if I was in a rush!

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Koh Panyee Village Restaurant


Address - Koh Panyee, Muang Pha Nga, Thailand 82000

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