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Ple's Kitchen - My fab find in Phuket

Right, I'll start with this straight up - the birds in cages aren't ideal, but if you are going on the food, this is spot on

Ple's Kitchen is one of those rare places you accidentally drive past, decide to give it a go and it becomes one of your favorite go to spots. After countless visits, I have introduced a number of Phuket friends to Ple's Kitchen and (used to) take all my visitors there - everyone has loved it. I almost want to keep it to myself it is that good.

Stunning scenery, space for kids to play and fantastic food

Here's the map location, because honestly you might not just drive down this road. If you know Lemongrass House in Cherngtalay then you are almost there, just head down Soi Cherngtalay 2, right beside Lemongrass House and keep driving until you see the sign below on your right hand side. There is plenty of parking, and you access the restaurant via a wooden walkway surrounded by plants and greenery.

Let's Get Stuck In

OK, let's get to the food - quite honestly it's great, tasty food with decent portions and a varied selection on offer. It offers fantastic value for money on both food and drinks, for example, you can get a Chang Beer for 60 bht or Leo for 70 bht. The menu focuses on Thai, although they do have some International dishes, (I stick to the good old Thai menu though so can't comment on the International food).

Some menu pages are pictured below for reference, and my top 5 dishes so far would be:

1. Local Vegetable Salad with Shrimp (might actually be my favorite dish in Phuket at the moment)

2. Crispy Morning Glory Salad

3. Crab Curry with Betel Leaves

4. Whole Sea Bass Steamed with Ginger and Soy Sauce

5. Chicken Fried Rice (sorry it's my son's favorite one, so had to make an appearance)

The Bottom Line

Gorgeous setting with loads of space for kids to explore (and a small climbing frame), and great food at decent prices. The only issue for some might be the birds in cages, although the main cage is large I have friends who will not go due to this.

Contact Details

Ple's Kitchen


Open daily except Wednesday

Telephone +0625926424 / +66826532499

Location Map

Address - Soi Cherngtalay 2, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110

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