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James Bond Island Tour

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

5 Star Marine's private speedboat tour, minus the usual day trippers

We decided to enjoy the lack of tourists and visit one of the (normally) busiest islands in Ao Phang Nga National Park - the one and only James Bond Island. We got a group of 18 excited adults and children together, and selected a custom Phang Nga Bay tour. 5 Star Marine was an obvious choice; their VIP speedboats have been tried and tested, we could customise the experience, and they had previously delivered a high quality and safe experience for us.

How Many is Too Many?

With 18 of us on board, I worried we might be a little tight for space but my fretting was unjustified. There was easily enough room, and we had the ability to spread out in the different zones of the speedboat, (up to 25 passengers is the maximum recommendation to ensure comfort).

Phang Nga Here we Come

Our tour started with a hidden cave on Panak Island, where we floated along inside the cave and enjoyed the peaceful golden bay all to ourselves afterwards. Usually crowded with speedboats, we were feeling incredibly blessed to have this experience right on our doorsteps.

Next we headed to Ko Kudu Yai to show off our moves diving into the clear turquoise water in this utterly stunning lagoon. It felt magical to be swimming here and not see one other boat. Our very own private lagoon. .

Onwards to Khao Phing Kan, or James Bond Island as we all know it. .

After a stop at Ko Panyee Village Restaurant for lunch, (read the review here) we made our way to the infamous James Bond Island, or Khao Phing Kan if you want to use it's actual name. Normally you cannot get through the hoards of people here, but aside from our boat party there were only another 4 or so other tourists on the island. Just goes to show that this really is perfect timing to go and explore Thailand. .

We all had a lovely stroll around, taking in the famous sights (for those who had seen The Man With The Golden Gun anyway). It was deadly quite, so great for enjoying the scenery and photos but of course brought home the devastating impact on tourism in Thailand. Please note that as this is a national park, you will need some cash to pay the entry fee - 300 bht per adult / 100 bht per child (or 60 bht per adult / 30 bht per child for Thai nationals).

After getting our fill of this notorious island, we made a final stop at Koh Pear where we felt like we were almost walking on the water. A perfect end to our stunning day, we literally all got off the boat delighted and thankful.

The Bottom Line

Seamless experience with 5 Star Marine from start to finish, great crew and guide who all ensured we had the perfect day out. Make the most of exploring Thailand whilst it's quite - it really does make for an incredible time on the water.


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